Huachiew Chalermprakiet University launches ‘On Tour’ Open House In cooperation with Paradise Park


     Huachiew Chalermprakiet University (HCU) embarked on a cooperation with Paradise Park Srinakarin, an MBK-affiliated shopping center, to create a commercial space for educational purposes. Dubbed as the PARADISE PARK HCU NEW GEN 2020 with the theme "Huachiew on Tour: Chic and Cool to New Normal”, the auspicious event was held for three consecutive days from 21-23 August 2020 from 10 AM to 7:30 PM at the Royal Park Plaza, which is located on the first floor of Paradise Park Shopping Center. 
     HCU is a pioneering higher educational institution to organize this kind of activity, which highlights the significance of education to the new generation.  
On Friday, the 21st of August 2020, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Uraipan Janvanichyanont, the University President presided the opening ceremony and presented a token of appreciation to Khun Praiyaporn Khaengraeng, the Managing Director of Paradise Park Co., Ltd. and the ceremony culminated with a picture-taking activity together with the university administrators.
    The event showcased 24 educational booths organized into three strong academic areas depicting the HCU identity: (1) Group H for Health Sciences, (2) Group C for Chinese Studies, and (3) Group U for Unique Innovation.
In addition, there were also a workshop booth, stage performances of the 13 faculties, a three-day display of talent of three performers: Lula, Kacha and Tukky, fun games, and other activities.
     Embracing the “new normal” way of life, activities were conducted in compliance with strict contagion measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Recently, HCU has been acclaimed by the Ministry of Public Health as a model educational institution for preventing COVID-19.
The event was organized to demonstrate HCU’s determination in producing graduates who are outstanding, divergent and uniquely endowed with three complementing identities: (1) adherence to the six virtues of diligence, patience, thriftiness, compassion, honesty and gratitude, (2) practices the philosophy of sufficiency economy, and (3) pursue knowledge to serve society. 
    Armed with the three groups of strong curricula, the university aimed to mold university students into a new generation of HCU youth, where H stands for HERO – a person who is brave, dare to think, speak, and participate in doing creative things; C stands for CHANGE – a person who is willing to introduce change to oneself and to the people around to create a better society; and U stands for UNIVERSAL – a person who is global-minded and with sound communication skills both in Chinese and English languages.
     The Chinese aspect is a unique identity of the university as shown by its robust collaboration with many leading universities in China. It offers the highest number of Chinese courses in Thailand, from bachelor's to doctorate degrees. It is the only university in Thailand where all students from all faculties have to learn Chinese language, and the only university in Thailand that has a separate Faculty of Chinese Language and Culture when other universities combine it with humanities courses.
     Moreover, HCU has established the first Faculty of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Thailand, and the university offers the world's first traditional Chinese medicine program outside China. HCU has several institutes that depicts its prominent Chinese identity such as the HCU Language Institute, which teaches Chinese language to the general public, the HCU Confucius Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Thai-Chinese Leadership Institute, Thai-Chinese Studies Institute, and the Chaozhou Science Center. These institutes confirm that the university is ready to be an educational institution that is focused on molding and developing students into real heroes in this field of endeavor.

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