Associate Prof. Dr.Uraipan Janvanichyanont

Dr.Siriwan Tantawanit
Vice President

Mr.Chalong Kweanginn
Vice President
Dr.Jonathan Rante Carreon
Vice President

Mr.Totsaporn Lertpichate
Assistant to the President

Mr.Fang Wenguo
Assistant to the President

Mr.Pavin Suwanagul
Assistant to the President
Assistant Prof.Yinglak Wirunrattanakij
Dean, Faculty of Physical Therapy
Miss Orapa Sinlamuth
Dean, Faculty of Chinese Medicine
Assistant Prof. Sucha Chulsomlee
Acting Dean, Faculty of Medical Technology
Assistant Prof.Nick Soonthorndhai
Dean, Faculty of Law
Miss Sraulsun Podjana-A-Ree
Dean, Faculty of Communication Arts
Assistant Prof.Janya Yodnil
Dean, Faculty of Business Administration
Assistant Prof. Dr.Taweesak Kasiphol
Dean, Faculty of Nursing
Miss Hansa Mahamongkol
Dean, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Dr.Jamroonsri Poomtien
Dean, Faculty of Science and Technology
Assistant Prof.Nick Soonthorndhai
Acting Dean, Faculty of Liberal Arts
Dr.Nutchanat Yuhan-Ngow
Dean, Faculty of Social Work and Social Welfare
Miss Duanghathai Sangsawang
Dean, Faculty of Public and Environmental Health
Assistant Prof. Dr.Tanes Imsamran
Dean, College of Chinese Studies
Mrs.Vimolpuk Narudolchote
Director of General Affairs 
Miss Barinda Wiriyasena
Director of Financial Affairs
Mrs.Supattareeya Chitagon
Director of Human Resources
Miss Suwanne Mongkhol
Director of Planning and Development
Mr.Taveepook Eiamcharoon
Director of Materials and Supplies
Mrs.Supattareeya Chitagon
Acting Director of Physical Plant Department
Miss Supaporn Chaithammapakorn
Acting Director of Digital for Education Center
Miss Supaporn Chaithammapakorn
Director of Library and Information Center
Mr.Totsaporn Lertpichate
Acting Director of Academic Service Center
Assistant Prof.Nick Soonthorndhai
Acting Director of Arts and Culture Center
Assistant Prof. Dr.Naris Wasinanon
Director of The Confucius Institute for Traditional Chinese Medicine (Thai)
Prof.Zhong Qiangwei
Director of The Confucius Institute for Traditional Chinese Medicine (Chinese)
อาจารย์สุวรรณี มงคลรุ่งเรือง
Acting Director of HCU Language Institute
Mr. Aran Iamsuree
Director of Thai-Chinese Leadership Institute
Mr.Thawat Chaturat
Director of Registrar’s Office
Mrs.Chidchanok Sittaratasak
Director of Student Development Office
Assistant Prof. Dr.Wuthipong Thongkon
Director of Academic Development Office
Miss Kanjana Vichittummaros
Huachiew Medicine Clinic Manager
Assistant Prof. Pannarai Saengwichian
Huachiew Chalermprakiet University Yossey Campus Manager
Miss Barinda Wiriyasena
Acting Book Center Manager