Credit Transfer
   New students aiming to request course comparisons and transfer of credits must contact the staff of the Admission Section of the Registrar’s Office and explicitly inform this goal before paying the registration fee for new students. Failure to inform the staff disqualifies the new student for any course comparison and credit transfer.


Three situations for requesting credit transfer:
   1. A former student redoing the admission process
   2. Requesting a transfer from another institution
   3. For applying to study for a second degree, subjects already taken in last school attended are compared with the subjects in the new curriculum where the application is lodged and checked if the subjects already taken have satisfactorily fulfilled the requirements of the new curriculum


Criteria for Subject Comparisons
   1. the subject being compared has at a grade not lower than C or 2.0
   2. Subject contents from the last institution attended must cover three-fourths or 75% of the contents of the subject taught at Huachiew Chalermprakiet University. If yes, compile all the documents that will be used and send to the respective faculty you are aiming to join, so an approval for credit transfer can be considered by the Dean of the Faculty.


Documents to Prepare for a Credit Transfer Request
   1. Original copy of the Official Transcript of Records [OTR]
   2. Course Description
   3. Duly accomplished Credit Transfer Request Form [Form HCU 41/1]. The form can be obtained from the HCU Registration Office. Whether or not all documents are ready, before registering, contact the admission staff to identify subjects to study. Then proceed to collect other missing documents to be submitted at a specified date.


Steps in Submitting a Credit Transfer Request
   1. Course Descriptions (Fill out the subjects to be transferred in HCU Form 41/1. Attach your Official Transcript of Records, course/programme structure and course descriptions of subjects already studied)
   2. Send all documents to the Faculty Secretary for the approval of the Head of the Department and the Dean. Request an appointment date to pick up the documents from the Faculty Secretary.
   3. Personally pick up the documents from Faculty Secretary on the appointment date. Check whether the subjects you intend to apply for credit transfer are correct. If there are mistakes, send back the form immediately to the Faculty Secretary, so revisions can be made. Then bring all the documents and proceed to the Finance Department to pay the transfer credit transfer fee.
   4. After paying the credit transfer fee, photocopy the official receipt and proceed to the Admission Section. Send the documents (you may be asked to sign your name). Wait for the official announcement of your credit transfer application result from the Admission Section.

Credit Transfer Fees
   1. 500 Thai baht per subject for subjects studied within the past 10 years
   2. 2000 Thai baht per subject for subjects studied more than 10 years ago
In case the subjects applied for credit transfer had been studied more than 10 years ago, the applicant should also take the credit transfer exam arranged for every subject. The applicant should make an appointment with the Admission Section for the credit transfer exam schedule.
   - If the student failed the credit transfer exam, the subjects applied for transfer will not be credited and the credit transfer registration will not be reimbursed.
   - Counting of time of the subjects studied more than 10 years ago starts from the time those subjects were registered in the former school until the lodging of the credit transfer application. 
   - The credit transfer process must be completed within 2 weeks from the start of registration
  - Students who applied for credit transfer are disqualified for any academic honors

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