Six-Year Curriculum

     Faculty of Pharmaceutical Science
     Faculty of Traditional Chinese Medicine (First year and fifth to sixth year students study in China for 2 years)

Four-Year Curriculum

     Faculty of Nursing
     Faculty of Social Work and Social Welfare
     Faculty of Liberal Arts
          • English (Third year students study in an English-speaking country for 4-5 months)
          • Tourism
          • Hotel
          • สาขาวิชาภาษาอังกฤษ-จีน
          • Communicative Thai as a Second Language (For foreign students)

     Faculty of Business Administration
          • Accounting
          • Management and Entrepreneurship
          • Marketing
          • Finance
          • Modern International Business Management
          • Logistics and Supply Chain Management
          • Chinese Business (Third year student study in China for 6 months)

     Faculty of Science and Technology
          • Computer Science
          • Medical Science
          • Artificial Intelligence

     Faculty of Medical Technology
     Faculty of Physical Therapy
     Faculty of Public and Environmental Health
          • Hospital Management
          • Environmental Health 
          • Occupational Health and Safety
          • Community Public Health
     Faculty of Law
     Faculty of Communication Arts
     Faculty of Chinese Language and Culture (Third year students study in China for 1 year)
         • Chinese Language and Culture
         • Business Chinese