Huachiew Chalermprakiet University (HCU) led by Mr. Aran Iamsuree, the Director of the Thai-Chinese Leadership Institute, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Uraipan Janvanichyanont, the University President, and Asst. Prof. Dr. Thanet Imsamran, the Dean of the College of Chinese Studies, hosted an academic collaboration negotiation meeting in the area of educational studies with Vajiravudh College (VC) led by Mr. Kiettikhun Chartprasert, the Headmaster, Dr. Anchalee Prakraikiet, the Vice-Headmaster for Academic Affairs, Mr. Nattaphong Sirichana the Director of the Office of the Headmaster, Mr. Prechapol Samarnmoo, the Academic Director, Ms. Panchaporn Sakdikorn, the Head of Foreign Affairs Section, and Mr. Prasitichai Paktao and Ms. Kusuma Ployssomboon, Chinese teachers. For the safety of all attendees and to prevent CoViD-19 viral spread, the academic collaboration meeting on 21st April 2021, which was held at Meeting Room 1 at the Yossey Campus of Huachiew Chalermprakiet University, adhered to strict preventive measures on holding meetings in the new normal.
     Already well-known as the leading Chinese university owing to its strong Chinese identity, HCU has recently transformed the capacity of Thailand’s one and only Faculty of Chinese Language and Culture into College of Chinese Studies to focus on teaching Chinese language and culture that incorporates knowledge on Chinese studies in various dimensions such as but not limited to economics, politics, governance, administration, and international policy. Graduates of the College of Chinese Studies of the university are highly sought in the labor market.
     HCU’s active and productive academic collaborations with leading universities in China in the form of, for instance, student exchange programs bolster students’ experience while living in China. In a way, these initiatives are geared towards HCU’s goal to help drive economic expansions and propel investments between Thailand and China.